Nicolino's Trackside
Calamari Steak
Nicolino's Clams
Fresh calamari steak breaded and sauteed to perfection. Served in butter sauce.
Every order opened fresh. Served breaded and baked or raw on a bed of crushed ice.
Sicilian Sausage
Italian sausage sauteed in a white wine garlic sauce served with garlic bread.
Grilled italian bread drizzled with garlic infused oil, topped with plum tomatoes, spinach, basil, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
Tenderloin Crostini
Toasted italian garlic bread, smoked mozzarella and fresh basil topped with charbroiled tenderloin.
Shrimp Cocktail
Nicolino's Bruschetta
Four jumbo shrimp, chilled and served with cocktail sauce.
Roasted Artichoke Fondue
Herbed garlic boursin sauce with artichoke hearts served with breadsticks.
Bowl of Mussels
Fresh mussles simmered in our own special broth of garlic, wine and butter.
Nicolino's Cheese Sticks
Homemade mozzarella cheese sticks served with marinara sauce.
Buffalo Wings
Spicy wings accompanied with celery and homemade blue cheese dressing.
Chicken Tenders
Nicolino's Shrimp Cocktail
Breaded and deep fried. Served with your choice of dipping sauce.
Quesadilla Sticks
Mesquite chicken strips and cheese rolled up in a flour tortilla. Served with a creamy salsa dip.
Onion Rings
Beer battered, steak cut onions cooked to a golden brown.
Nicolino Chips
Lightly seasoned homemade potato chips served with creamy garlic dip.
Fresh vegetables and beans simmered in a beef broth.
Italian Wedding Soup
Fresh vegetables, pasta and Nicolino's homemade meatballs simmered in a mild broth.
Ceasar Salad
Hearts of romaine lettuce tossed with parmesan cheese, anchovy filets, croutons and cesar dressing.
House Salad
Lettuce with apples, cucumbers, red onions, artichoke hearts, olives, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and provolone cheese. Served with your choice of dressing on the side.
Ensalada di Maire
An assortment of fresh seafood and vegetables marinated in olive oil, lemon and chopped basil. Served Friday and Saturday nights only.
Ensalada Caprese
Vine ripened tomatoes, red onions, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella tossed with mixed greens and balsamic vinegarette.